Our second home – Testing Quito tent in Patagonia. - by Łukasz Kuczkowski
With numb hands we tried to pick up more stones. Cold and howling Patagonian wind gave us a really hard time. 
Expedition tent Arco – tested during a trip Greenland
I have to admit that Arco tent almost fulfilled the above requirements. But Greenland's weather proved to be a bit different than we had expected, and therefore this review is not complete.
Testing Arco tent - 7 months on the road ...
RCO tent travelled across Alaska with us. The route started at the highest point of the Cordillera mountain range – Denali and led us through the regions of the Arctic Circle to the shore of the Arctic Ocean. 
Testing Baltoro tent- Gasherbrum 2011
Baltoro tent, made by Marabut, was tested during the trip of Ternua Female Team - Gasherbrum 2011, lasting from 6 June to 31 July this year.
Ola is a climber, mountaineer and ski-mountaineer, who participated in many journeys and  adventures. As a first Polish woman, she climbed Gasherbrum II (8035 m ASL) and extremely dangerous Pik Pobeda (7439 m ASL).
Marek Żołądek – a traveller, and mountaineer who participated and co-organized many climbing and research expeditions that took him across 6 continents, e.g. the Himalayas, Andes, Alaska Range, Africa, Europe, Caucasus Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, Tierra del Fuego and Australia.
Maciek Ciesielski - a climber and author of many climbing routes in the Alaska Range, Asian mountains, Yosemite Mountains, Alps, Tatra Mountains, Karkonosze. Maciek is also a climbing instructor and a rescuer (a member of TOPR -Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue).
Michał Apollo - a traveller, climber and mountaineer. He participated and co-organized many expeditions including: the Himalayas, Andes, Southern Alps, Caucasus Mountains, Great Dividing Range, Alaska Range, European mountains, Kilimanjaro Range, Cape Fold Belt and the Rocky Mountains.